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Joël Borgo

Shareholder - Grain Broker - Corn Desk

Nationality: Swiss / Italian
Languages: French / English
Working at Vicorus since: January 2016

Active as Physical Commodities Broker since 2011 in various markets, Joël started his career as a Feedstuff broker for North African & E.U. destinations.

In 2016, he joined Vicorus S.A. to integrate the Feed Corn Department of the company to focus especially on FOB Black Sea Corn market. Alongside his daily market analysis and in-depth knowledge of the market in which he works, he tries to give a quality service to the customers with whom he works.

During his free time, Joël is a passionate of running, winter sports and tennis.

Contact Details
Phone: +4121983 24 72
Skype: joelborgo