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Luis Picazo

Manager - Spain

Nationality: Spanish
Languages: Spanish, English
Working at Vicorus since: July 2012

Luis was a senior trader and manager for one of the largest Spanish trading and importing companies for 17 years (Interpec Iberica). He has extensive experience in grains, feedstuffs and the vagaries of EU rules for importers. As a director of the discharging, handling and warehousing subsidiary there is little he does not know on grain & feedstuff importing in Spain. As the 2nd Harley rider in the team – he has the distinction of doing the great US crop tour by bike. He also admits that having been a long haul cash trader, brokers are actually useful and being one is fun. One of the most stylish skiers seen on the slopes, Luis is also a fencer, windsurfer and, naturally, an unconditional fan of Los Blancos.

Contact Details
Phone: +34 609 000 374
Skype: luis.picazo3